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Author Peter DeHaan enjoying natureThank you for visiting my website! I love to write! I write for work and I write for fun. But most importantly, I write to encourage and challenge others. I’m thrilled you stopped by to check out my website, the gateway to my world of writing.

I’ve written hundreds of articles and am an active blogger. I write book reviews and movie reviews. Currently I’m finishing a couple of books and am in the beginning stages of more books and projects.

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My Faith ManifestoMy Faith Manifesto is my essential belief statement, the basis for my theology and worldview. Using the Bible as a foundation, I look at what Jesus told people to do. The list is surprising and far different from what most preachers tell us to do.

Jesus also prayed that we would be one, that we’d get along. Why don’t we? Something’s missing. Also, how do other beliefs fit in? My Faith Manifesto addresses this, too.

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